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A new view on energy efficient windows.  Keeping the warm air in, radiant heat out and built with non-conductive materials. Read It Now As Submitted To ICF Builder Magazine

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We are concerned with energy conservation as a model for change


Primal Consulting offers a wide array of products and services for all energy efficient structures including, architects, contractors, sustainable roofing assemblies, high performance window systems, solar energy integration, radiant floor solutions including design build, chilled water cooling systems, under concrete and reflective insulations and most importantly the consulting to put all these components together to meet the goals for your project.  Regardless of the size or scope of your project from remodels to new builds, residential to commercial, private citizen to government official, Primal Consulting is designed to help you meet your energy conservation paradigm, increase the bottom line of your business and control the energy costs at home.

Ideas do not expire

Good Ideas create something larger than themselves.  Great ideas gather a mass and momentum of their own.  The best ideas move large groups of diverse individuals into a long term series of actions that promote and reaffirm the cornerstones of the ideas while redefining and clarifying these same principals through time.

Living green is one of the best ideas circulating today.  In many ways the evolution of modern society is dependant on change.  This change is founded on new ideas for solving complex issues that challenge modern culture to move out of their comfort zones and into new unfamiliar geography.  It is this need for change that is most difficult to accept.  Change is difficult because is requires a condemnation of the existing accepted idea to be supplanted by the new archetype.  While in fact there is often a good amount of data to support change and new ideas the resistance is palpable to even the most basic change.

Change is best when voluntary, yet because of the resistance inherent change is imposed to achieve the desired impact.  This is the case with green building.  Green is much more than material and ideological models surrounding the building of structures.  The overwhelming evidence highlighting the need to change to green, sustainable and renewable ideas is everywhere and still the embrace of change is not national.

Primal Consulting is designed to promote the discussion of change.  Created to engage the masses in an effort to accelerate the change and embrace the movement in a logical and sustainable way.  Finally, oriented as a portal for the products and services that are needed to achieve the change desired, Primal Consulting seeks out companies, individuals and product lines that provide the components to detail the paradigm.

Discovery is something you find and communicate with others.  Advancing means transitive change in a forward position.

What Is Renewable and Sustainable:  Primal Definitions

Renewable:  Focuses on sources of energy that can be produced at the rate they are consumed, yet like fossil fuels leave a carbon footprint that builds up in the environment.  Secondary impact issues remain in the renewable category of archetypes as with the technology of green category the use of non renewable energy sources in their production.  As a result of these considerations renewable is not categorically sustainable.

Sustainable:  Ability to continue into the future a paradigm that once implemented ensures the viability of successive generations without compromising their options. Creates no recognizable pollution yet while defined as clean for example as in hydroelectric the environment is forever disrupted and subject to continuing degradation from multiple issues.  Natural phenomenon like floods renew the carrying capacity of the environment by removing alluvial deposits from contributing inflow areas.  These natural events are severely restricted by the damming of rivers without providing remedies for the consequences to the environment.

Green:  Only photovoltaic and solar thermal approach the strict specifications of non detrimental environmental impact due to the use of non renewable energy and carbon foot print of their manufacture technology.  Secondary is the consideration that the collection of the solar power eliminates the energy from the environment that severely impacts the carrying capacity of the ecology.  The larger the installation (commercial) the more severe impact on the environment therefore large expanses of arid non-arable land should be surveyed for compatibility for public works projects.  Rooftop units are rapidly becoming more affordable and the reliability questions of the past are being replaced with projections for return on investment and service life figures.  Smaller configurations of photovoltaic and solar thermal for use on residential, small commercial and industrial warehouse rooftop applications removes the environmental impact concerns and utilizes a vastly ignored surface for the production of energy derived from solar radiation.  Wind power is also quickly becoming viable on both the large and small scale with impacts on the environment like bird strike being addressed.

In summary, Green is a goal that may be attainable as we embrace change and new technologies.  Renewable is a developing model that continues to redefine the acceptable impacts from is implementation and will continue to be explored.  Sustainable is now evolving into a more holistic view of what clean really means in environmental terminology and how it may work to provide remedies for the impact to the ecology in which they are deployed.

Focused on Energy Conservation as a part of the larger movement in environmental conservation we advocate a personal approach to the solution.  Primal Consulting addresses each individual project as unique and custom in all respects.  In the broadest terms the primary considerations are the personal decisions of the clients we serve.  We as a group present solutions in an informational manner to illuminate the choices available for each project.  Our recommendations are designed to provide our client with the vision and information required to meet the goals that they personally have for the project.


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Holistic, renewable and sustainable, Primal Consulting provides a "trinity of energy envelope theory" that addresses the floors, walls and ceiling/roof areas of all structures. This trinity is initiated by providing guidance, products and information targeted at a universal movement in conservation efforts for retrofitting existing structures and designing new structures to meet the demand for energy efficient living.

By emphasising the "physics of energy transfer" and teaching the "energy envelope theory," Primal Consulting creates an awareness and forum for action that can be engaged at any level.  Designed to promote discussion and encourage the sharing of information, Primal Consulting advances the sustainable by emoting action and by drawing focus on discovery and new technology.  Fueled amid paradigms for renewable and sustainable living, Primal Consulting illuminates one possible future.


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Primal Consulting is renewable because it is used as it is produced and is human powered.  Humans are a type of bio-fuel that create pollution which by definition builds up in the atmosphere over time.  Primal Consulting is sustainable as a paradigm ad infinitum yet may have undesirable environmental impacts as retrofitting of existing structures, the shift to energy efficient building techniques, materials and associated equipment is deployed.  Primal Consulting is a green movement, in thought and action.  Paradigms turned into physical structure and functioning energy conservation. 

Vision is the prime consideration in any working model.  Primal Consulting is an adaptive concept that while solid at the core is fluid in its ability to conform to diverse requirements and cultural environments.  Constantly morphing in an attempt to engage and create change, Primal Consulting is often seen as a disruptive influence to the status quo.  This is by design and without apology.  Seen as a necessity and not optional the disruptive component of Primal Consulting is both psychologically and physically taxing.  The basic premise is that change is desired and required yet the overwhelming drive to stay within the status quo and therefore comfort zone is more easily overcome with a disruption as a starting point.  In evolutionary terms the adaptive nature of organisms are often triggered by a disruption of the homeostasis and change in the environment.  This is the primitive reaction toward survival.  At the base level, existence is fundamentally rooted in change.


Primal Consulting is a legacy vision of leaving a working archetype for future generations.  Physical structures conserving energy at minimum if not reverse metering energy to the grid and impacting the ecology in a positive manner is the goal.  The planet is a living thing and must be treated as such.  What would be the impact of several hundred years of legacy?  What would be the planets reaction to a holistic approach to the environment being improved and not degraded?  The planet is also reacting to the primitive need to survive.  Certainly, the impacts of the modern life on the planet are not positive.  From carbon footprint to cycles of marine life fisheries and much more, the impact of the status quo is negative.  This is a prime consideration in the action – reaction paradigm put forth many years ago.  How will corrective living impact the next thousand years.  In the universal theme a few eons is insignificant to the record of change, however, the survival of humanity is fragile at best.  Think of how a few degrees of temperature impact modern humans.  Women frequently carry sweaters and light jackets to work in the heat of summer because the use of air conditioning in the work place causes them discomfort.



Speculating in the reaction of the planet is not without merit.  New and evolving economies like China figure prominently in the survival of the planet.  At twenty percent of the human contribution China is the largest population concentration followed by India.  If cultures like America cannot impact its own destiny how can these masses of people be expected to have an opportunity to do so in a meaningful manner.  While slow and resistant to change America is traveling at light speed in comparison to many of the older cultures on the planet.  If then America which is itself a disruptive force in the world and a prodigy of change is unable or unwilling to engage, how then is it possible for masses of older less capable of change cultures to engage.  America itself is less than 300 years old as a consolidated entity.  America has changed so rapidly that it has lead in world affairs since its inception as an idea.  American culture is often criticized and rightly so for many reasons, yet, if you asked almost anyone where they would go if they could leave their current culture and circumstance it is destination America.

In digesting this, the reality is that America must engage in the process of conservation before it can be engaged at a global level.  Primal Consulting is engaged in the art of change.  Art is subjective and very personal.  Primal Consulting is also very objective in its goals and methodology.  Designed to be measured by its quantitative impact it is also meant to be regarded as qualitative in its impacts at a personal and cultural level.  If an individual is engaged and by taking a side on any issue is empowered to act, and by action is fulfilled by that in a positive way that emotes an uplifting status at a personal level, then, the goal is achieved at that level.  Groups of individuals engaging at their own ability and capacity create impacts that often magnify their own achievements.  An artist may influence a genra but not until a group of artists engage this paradigm is it truly a movement.  The reasons are personal, the actions are often public and the exposure can be global.



In an effort to engage the potential of the personal, Primal Consulting seeks to present a platform for change with a combination of working ideas and goal oriented global view of the planet in holistic sense.  If you consider the future of your children important then is in foolish to believe that China, India and the rest of the world and the personal choices they make have no impact on your daily decisions.  Media has made us more aware of the global condition.  Personal action is the only way to effect change.  Primal Consulting is engaging, are you?

Why Primal Consulting, why not engage now?  Where can your goals be achieved at a personal and global level?  How can you effect change if not by your actions?  Where can you vote with more certainty than by putting your money where your future is impacted?  Engaging Primal Consulting is not an issue of if you should or not.  It is a question of why wouldn’t you, and at what level based on the project, local, state or national goals.  You do not have to be a philosopher to be happy in life.  You do not have to buy into anything complicated that you really don’t care about.  You do not have to have unlimited funds, you could simply start by looking at how you use energy and turning the lights off when you leave the room.  You do however, have to take responsibility for your actions.  Non action is an action.  If you do not act it has consequence, perhaps more or less than an action that results in the final outcome that you desire.  Yet, the truth of life is that it is the sum of experiences at a personal level.  Once you pass the opportunity to act, often the opportunity to effect change is also compromised.  Personally, each and every experience cannot be uplifting and positive.  Therefore the optimal state of nature is one in which you as the individual do all that is in your power to effect your personal journey.  Primal Consulting is engaging you, will you be engaging Primal?  Why or why not?  This is a personal decision with a public effect and probable global implications.

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