Areas Of Expertise

Our primary area of expertise is “The Physics Of Energy Transfer,” the understanding of which enables us to create advanced, energy efficient structures even beyond the standards of LEED (The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) – A Green Building Rating System™). LEED is a third-party certification program and the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings. We respect LEED’s role in defining the nation’s benchmark and here at Primal Consulting, we always seek to surpass it with every project.

Working With Primal Consulting – The Process

We begin by listening to you. We need to hear about your situation, and through a series of initial interviews with you, we are able to determine what you will need to know, learn, do and have in order to fulfill your stated intentions.

As experts in “The Physics Of Energy Transfer,” and now with a clear understanding of your goals, we are quickly able to determine what information you need and provide it to you in a way that is streamlined, clear and comprehensible. This alone saves you an untold amount of time and money. We deliver only the information you need, never laboring over unnecessry issues. As for the information we do provide, we provide it quickly and back it up by teaching the key people within your organization how to integrate the information efficiently without upsetting the balance and flow of your operation. We also introduce you to the most advanced, energy efficient products and technologies specific to your needs, and we teach you how to use them as well.

Engaging in this process with Primal Consulting will set you firmly on your way to reching your highest goals. The knowledge and information we impart will undoubtedly save you time and money, and then there’s the profits you can generate as result of applying the knowledge we provide. The sky is the limit.

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