Commercial and Industrial concerns are magnified by the scale at which they exist.  The reality of bigger is better is also true of the potential represented in the size of these structures.  Usage and therefore conservation of energy in Commercial / Industrial projects represent a profit impact on the bottom line that cannot be found in any of the other market variables.  Therefore, since Commercial and Industrial are fundamentally concerned with profits in order to function, Primal Consulting is committed to maximizing profits.

Beyond the typical reduction of overhead in daily operations there is also the potential to increase the net profit.  Solar photovoltaic is now highly desireable as a supplemental and possibly fund generating energy source.  On larger structures photovolatic can generate surplus energy during non severe season operation and on non use days like weekends.  A structure that is energy efficient can resell surplus energy to the grid.  Imagine if all the warehouses, stripmalls, factories, hospitals and other large buildings were efficient and reverse metering energy  back to the grid.  Cost of goods sold would go down, profits would go up, employee benifits could be increased instead of cut and many other areas impacted positively.

In the agricultural industry many profit centers can be addressed.  Products like produce have special storage concerns and needs such as temperature, moisture, gas management and many other environmental control issues.  Livestock such as poultry and others are concerned with production of eggs, milk and meat products.  Animals also need to regulate their energy use.  If the livestock is too hot or too cold then they are less dynamic as producers and or weigh less on the sales scales.  A roasting chicken that is comfortable will weigh more at harvest than the same bird that is using energy to stay warm or cool during its life span.

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