Government movement into renewable, sustainable and green technology is of a primal importance.  The US Government is the largest user of energy on the continent of North America. Therefore, unless the paradigm of energy efficient building is in place holistically and entirely adopted throughout this means that the US Government is the largest candidate for focused conservation efforts, beginning today.  Being the largest consumer of energy in the USA the Government is obligated to reduce waste and therefore budget.  The larger the entity the more vital the concern for energy use and greater the need for conservation.  While the need to explore new technologies and fuel sources and uses is very important the need to conserve is more critical.  Conservation is actionable now and sustainable as a key archetype for future generations to think and act upon ad infinitum.

Engaging the Government of The United States is of a fundamental importance to Primal Consulting as a large entity and user of energy.  Conservation and education on the holistic energy envelope theory is a self evident truth and patriotic necessity in the objectives as seen by the Primal Group.  By strengthening the US Government the mission to propel and empower the future generations of Americans is achieved in a perpetual idea.  Regardless of the political paradigms of more or less government in the United States that Government must be strong and energy efficient.

All Governments have issues to address and fundamentally must deal with the growth of the population on the planet.  All Governments must address the consumption of energy as a fundamental part of the future.  Conservation for all government entities is at critical mass as we examine the theory of Peak Oil, whether you ascribe to this theory or not it is food for thought and action.

Primal Consulting adheres to the ideal that the holistic energy envelope theory is universal and crosses all language and cultural barriers by its prime energy conservation models that can be engaged at any level and invested upon by countless generations with an Return on Investment growing exponentially through time and compounding interest accruing to future generations as the green goal is approached.  The end game of this paradigm is the point of diminishing returns for the planet.  At what point is the future of humanity secure with the planets holistic future minimally impacted by the only species on the planet to build hospitals.

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