Primal Glass: The future of glass is here. High performance glass.

We have taken high performance glass to a new level. Your windows undergo climatic stresses everyday. It differs room to room, even window to window within the same room. Direct sunlight, reflected heat, varying levels of shade and diverse exposures all challenge your windows efficiency differently. That’s why no single glass system can provide maximum comfort, optimum light transmission and long term energy savings – Until Now! – Call (602) 460-7111 Or Email: juangarcia@primalglass.com

Windows are exposed to different heat, sun, and weather conditions. That’s why Primal Glass™ custom designs and fabricates replacement windows using our exclusive Primal Glass System™. The only fully customized high performance glass systems able to ensure each new window (or replacement window) provides maximum efficiency, comfort, optimum light transmission and the highest long term energy savings.

Only Primal Glass™ analyzes, designs and manufactures your windows with one of four unique, high efficiency glass systems, one that’s just right for each window in your home.

Primal Glass™ Statistics Compiled by Lawrence Berkley Labs Environmental Energy Technologies Division in Conjunction With the Department of Energy, Glass Comparisons For 1" Glass.

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