Residential is perhaps the single most actionable segment of the energy use grid.  Statistically the home is the place that individuals on this continent spend the bulk of their time.  Sleeping in the past had been credited for 1/3 of a life time or 8 hours of 24 per day (whether all at once or in night and nap combinations).  Short naps have been credited with improved memory and brain health.  Typically, sleep happens at home in its most comfortable form.  Aside from sleep, meals – the preparation of and consumption, preparations for other activities and family time account for another 4-6 or more hours of the 24 and finally there is the time set a side for work, usually 8 or more hours of each 24.

This means that with the exception of earning a living there are 50% or more of these hours dedicated to the home during the working week and more on the weekends.  Conservation at home is perhaps the most simple to implement.  Upgrading to energy efficient lights like LED or compact fluorescent lights, replacing old appliances like refrigerators and washing machines that are more than inefficient can make an impact on the total load use.  Simple home improvements like weather striping for doors and windows are inexpensive and effective.  In the free category are the personal choices we make to think about how we use energy and taking simple but thoughtful action like turning off the lights when we leave the room, setting the thermostat to a comfortable level and leaving it there controlling the personal temperature by adding or shedding clothes. 

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