Who We Are

Primal Consulting is comprised of a diverse group of professionals working in commercial mediums teaching modern methods of using energy in a strategic way, which we call Strategic Energy Planning. Our methods are advanced and Environmentally Responsible. We service all commercial markets, individual consumers and-or households and governments, both domestically and internationally.

Primal Consulting was founded by Juan Garcia in response to a overwhelming demand for information about energy efficient construction, energy efficient products and strategic energy planning.

Juan has dedicated his life to the practical application of energy efficient ideals. His sensible, real world experience over the past two decades involving strategic energy planning makes him a favorite among his clients and peers. Clients seem to find it comforting that Juan’s knowledge-- and the techniques he shares-- have all been acquired, tested and proven... in the field.

Such hands-on experience has brought him to the vital understanding that energy efficient construction does NOT equal higher costs and less profits. Rather, his techniques and recommendations translate into big profits for those who apply them. Because consumer demand for energy efficient structures is skyrocketing, Juan Garcia's Primal Consulting Team is becoming the hottest, most sought-after, consultancy growing today-- they are the only demand side “Energy Efficient Consultants.”

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